Since 2014

Our Educational Curriculum   

Marian High School (NTI Career Institute) in Houston, Texas operates under the auspices of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) AdvanceEd, using a core curriculum based on state guidelines for eleventh through twelfth grade.


Marian High School(NTI Career Institute is utilizing Responsive Ed. The school curriculum is Comprehend Online Digital Curriculum and Acellus Learning Curriculum. Our curriculums focus on the need of the student, "when it becomes a challenge,  when diversity intersects and the lack of resources."

Marian High School is designed for credit recovery and early graduation for students who thrive in smaller, independent learning environments who may feel underserved at traditional public high schools.

Marian High School (NTI Career Institute)


Academic School Year

The next academic year for Marian High School (NTI Career Institute) students will begin in mid-August after two months of virtual summer school — but whether the fall begins online or in physical classrooms remains unclear, school Education Management Team is in the process of making a final decision.

Marian High school is open to Public, Charter, Private and Home schools. (The community is welcome!)

Open enrollment summer session registration will begin May 25, 2020, and classes begin on June 8, 2020 All classes will resume online learning. Summer School cost is $100 per course.

 “The 2020-21 school year starts on August 18. We have not  made decisions about the opening of school facilities by that date and will not be determined until the science and health authorities tell us it is safe and appropriate to do so.”

COVID-19 Planning Assumptions 

Marian High School (NTI Career Institute) is in the process of developing a Roadmap to Modify the returning back to school.  The school will adhere to social restrictions in response to changing conditions until “herd immunity” is achieved in the state. 

Mr. Willard York -Principal

Ms. Andrea Johnson- Asst. Principal

Ms. Sally Mendez-Registar Office 

Our Educational Plan   

What makes our school unique are the following:

  • A Great Variety of Extra-Curricular Activities
  • High Community Involvement
  • Outstanding Programs, Including the Highly Acclaimed ACE Marian High School (NTI Career Institute) Internship Program
  • Smaller Class Sizes
  • Warm, Family-Oriented Environment
  • Tuition Costs ($8,400, and Can be Paid in Monthly Installments of $933.33)


We observe the standards of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (Comprehend Online Digital Curriculum.  Our students will be exposed to inquiry-based approaches to instruction that are project-based and intentionally integrate science, technology, engineering, and math.

 Recognizing the importance of interdisciplinary education, Marian High School (NTI Career Institute) will provide the skills necessary for our students to succeed in 21 St century careers and solving the world's most challenging problems.


Academic Achievement

Our school will utilize an achievement test equivalent to the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STARR) test, a new testing program. It replaces the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS). 

Multilingual Program  

This program is available to the following:

  • Immigrant Students Who Have Recently Arrived
  • Learners Who Have Little or No Previous School Experience
  • Children Who Have Interrupted Schooling
  • Students Who Speak Little or No English (i.e., OLPT-NES)
  • Students Who Have Limited Writing Skills (Unable to Complete Simple Demographic Information on School Forms
  • Learners Who Demonstrate Preliterate Writing Characteristics on Writing Rubric
  • Students Who Are Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS)-Composite

Academic Content Integration   

Effective ESL instruction integrates academic content language learning and “authentic activities” to develop all four of the language learning skills. A major challenge for many teachers of ESL students is creating lessons that allow their students to access the academic content of what they are teaching in a student’s second language. Instructional modifications that support student’s comprehension of text are necessary.

Program Components

Ongoing coordination between the ESL program and the regular educational program will be provided by the district. The ESL program will address the following needs:


LEP students shall be provided instruction using second language methods in English. To instill confidence, self-assurance, and a positive identity with their cultural heritages, they will be introduced to basic concepts of their school environment. This will address the history and cultural heritage associated with both the students' mother tongue and the English language.


They shall also be given intensive instruction to develop their proficiency in the comprehension, speaking, reading, and composition of the English language. The content areas will be structured to ensure that the students will master the required essential knowledge and skills and higher-order thinking skills before advancement.


LEP students shall be provided with instruction in English in mathematics, science, health, and social studies using second language methods. Just like in the linguistic, the instruction will be structured to ensure that the students master the required essential knowledge and skills and higher-order thinking skills before progress.