Since 2014

From the desk of the Superintendent

Mission:  Education is the Remedy to Success

Vision:  Believing that ALL students can learn

As noted in our Mission and Vision Statements, we believe “all students can learn” and “education is the remedy to success”. Collectively, our staff represents over 120 years of work experience in education and witnessed many transitions throughout these years.  Today, we are sharing with you another such change.  In the interest of better serving the students of our community, our Director and the board of directors have decided to offer online classes, introducing a virtual learning platform. This practice is being used globally and availed today at Marian High School (NTI Career Institute).


Marian High School (NTI Career Institute) students have always been reflective of our community and rich in diversity. The students come in various situations and circumstances that were challenging in the traditional school model. Our small and intimate setting offers opportunities for our staff to identify and facilitate “teachable moments”. The traditional setting may limit such an opportunity and often stifles or limits a student’s growth potential. We understand that people are products of their experiences and with that consideration, we are committed to exposing our students to fresh experiences through the online classes. We believe that the curriculum heightens exposure for our students as the literature and activities are updated for relevance in today’s climate and lifestyles. Our goal is not only to prepare students for graduation but to encourage a sense of accomplishment and the confidence that they can be successful. In my opinion, three rewards are gained through this experience in the practice to be: (1) accountable (2) disciplined and (3) independent.


Competition in today’s workforce is alive and well. The students of today are exposed to volumes of information and opportunities that were inconceivable, a generation or two ago. In the effort to compete, they must believe in themselves with an “I can” mindset in preparing for independence as they make plans for the future.


What we have documented thus far, students are excited about moving at their manageable pace and possibly graduating sooner than later through our career recovery model. They seldom complain that the work is too hard, and yet admit to being challenged. This is known as a “teachable moment” for students to become focused, disciplined, and independent.


Adapting to another mode of learning and adjusting to change remains difficult for many of us, but living in this fluid technology and information age requires the capacity to adapt. We welcome all students that may require a different means of learning in the effort to further education and prepare for the inevitable adult challenges in today’s workforce.