Since 2014

About Us

Marian High School (NTI Career Institute) provides innovative, quality, and inquiry-based experiences that emphasize critical and creative thinking. We consider it as our purpose to provide each of our students with the necessary skills to become productive, lifelong learners as well as moral and ethical citizens in an ever-changing world. 

Located in Southwest Houston, Marian High School (NTI Career Institute) is one of the many schools that provide services for high schools. 

Learn more about Marian High School (NTI Career Institute) and our dedication to our students.

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What We Believe In

  • All students can learn and have the right to quality education.
  • A school’s purpose is to create lifelong learners and productive citizens.
  • Education is a partnership between home, school, and community.
  • A school is a place for modeling, developing, and practicing positive character traits.
  • Students can adapt to rapid technological and societal changes when learning is made relevant.
  • A school should provide a positive, secure, and nurturing environment.
  • A school should address diversity among students both culturally and academically.